About Dahlia


Dahlia Bartz Cabe is a singer, a sacred songwriter, and a meditation counselor. She has more than three decades experience working with individuals and groups to facilitate healing and greater awareness through meditation, self-acceptance and creative expression. She currently does private meditation counseling sessions in person and over the phone.

Dahlia holds a Bachelor of Science from SUNY-Empire State College in Interdisciplinary studies with focus on Evolution of the Mind. She is trained in Polarity Therapy and has extensive experience in Deep-Feeling Work. A long-time practitioner of Yoga and Qigong, she uses the many forms of meditation—singing and silence, movement and stillness—to explore and to experience the essential Oneness that underlies all existence.

Music has always permeated and inspired Dahlia’s life, her spiritual practice and her healing art. She regularly collaborates with Amy McTear 's Sunday Morning Vocal Village at Unison Arts in New Paltz; is co-leader of the monthly New Paltz Dances of Universal Peace; and hosts a seasonal AUM chant/meditation at Unison Arts as well. In many ways she feels that her offering of Sacred Song is the culmination of a lifetime of creative expression.

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