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 Individual Sessions with Dahlia: In Person or by Phone

Dahlia has absolute competence as a loving guide into not only the familiar dark places, but into new and unknown territory. Together we explore the edges of what's possible. In this great big world, Dahlia's one of the people I have the deepest respect for. This world is a better, and bit brighter, place for her being in it. -S.C.
Dahlia's talent for intuition, for "seeing me" from a distance and for being right there with me is a wonderful and unique experience that I have not had in any other counseling situation. I am grateful for the opportunity to have such sessions with her. - M.

An individual session with me allows you the sacred opportunity to delve deeply into your essential self. Together and tenderly, we explore the labyrinth of the mind. Suppressed memory, antiquated belief systems, irrational aspects of the survival-oriented brain, long cherished emotional identities-all these cloud the inevitable shine of the true Self. Ultimately, it is consciousness that heals: the pure light of Awareness illuminating the dark recesses of the unconscious mind.


I first contacted Dahlia for help in determining why I had physical pain that doctors told me had no determinable cause. In the course of working with her, I have gotten so much more than an understanding of my pain and its sources. I have opened up to my potential as a creative person and have recaptured the sensitive nature that I had buried years ago. Dahlia's counsel, her wisdom, and her patience, are gifts to anyone who comes under her loving care. -S.G.

My background in evolutionary biology, alternative psychology and neuroscience as well as my knowledge of physiology and anatomy lays the foundation for our work. I have a compassionate understanding of human nature and highly developed intuitive and empathetic abilities that allow me to "see" you for who you are. My integrative spiritual quest, as well as my own life experience dealing with serious health issues and with chronic pain, makes me open to and curious about discovering your particular life's journey.

Dahlia taught me how to breathe, meditate, and observe my survival mind and how to listen, hear and follow the voice of my guidance. I felt a nourishing well of love during and after her sessions that I had never experienced before. Most importantly and as a result, I learned how to forgive others and myself and to receive this nourishment on my own. She is a true teacher. -B.G.  

I practice what I teach: many and varied forms of meditation, deep feeling, breathing awareness, emotional release, yoga, qigong, therapeutic touch, polarity therapy, sacred mantra and song. Together we forge your spiritual pathway-breaking through your patterns of pain and fear and untangling the knots of personality that compromise your unique and full expression.

It is so powerful and transformative for me to have a teacher of Dahlia's genius and wisdom turn her extraordinary gifts to my personal benefit. She has given this spiritual novice the skills and courage to begin to fly. And when I fail, regularly, she lifts me back to truth and potential. In my view, having Dahlia as a counselor is like having Rembrandt help you learn to paint a self-portrait. -EB
I trust Dahlia more than anyone else I know. -RA.

Above all, I listen and I care.

Never underestimate the healing power of Love.

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Dahlia Bartz Cabe  


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